When I was a kid one of my favorite things about getting new music was the layout. The artwork, lyrics, thank you lists, credits…all of it. I would save my lunch money and every couple of weeks skateboard 6 miles round trip to the only record store in Orange Park, FL that carried punk music. A lot of times I would buy an album just based off the artwork. Some of those albums ended up having a huge impact on me and honestly changed my life forever. I've definitely asked myself if I would've ever checked out Minor Threat or The Misfits if the artwork would've been lame to me. Finding new music is a lot easier now thanks to the Internet. I love that the discovery of new music is just a click away but I still crave the physical copy. I am still interested in what the bands want to visually represent the music they've created. Every band I've played in has taken a lot of time with the artwork/layout and #Disobedient is no different. There's more to an album than just what you hear. It's a feeling. We put a lot of time and effort into the artwork, the lyrics and the music…so when combined, it creates the feeling. For me, a lot of frustration, anger and loneliness went into this album but also a desire for change, a desire to not be ruled and to not be broken. That's what I feel when I stare at this album. Whether you buy it on iTunes or from a store I hope you enjoy it. I hope you're able to get a feeling out of it and it's not just background noise like so many things are these days. I always have and always will buy my own bands album…and I still go home and analyze every part just like I did when I was 14. Some things never change. #styg

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We back this 100%. Congrats to you and the rest of Stick To Your Guns. Disobedient is killing it!